Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Taylorville, IL: Wabash vs. B&O

Jacob Hortenstine -> Railroad Interlocking and Signal Towers
The Wabash was the mainline from Detroit to St. Louis and still exists as Norfolk Southern. Since the B&O was a little branch that meandered its way south from Beardstown, IL, to southern Illinois, I assume that the double track route was the Wabash. The Chicago & Illinois Midland went left from Taylorville.

As expected, the B&O route is gone, but the RoW still exists on the east side of town as the Lincoln Prairie Trail. The Illinois road map now labels the C&IM route as IMRR. This route used to join the B&O on the northwest side of town. Now it turns south on the west side of town and then east on the south side of town to join the Wabash south of the town.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
At aerial photo resolution
The tower is on the north side of the junction, which confirms that the double track in the photo was the Wabash. (The tower does not show up as much, but the shadow does.)
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It's a B&O train but it's passing the Wabash tower in Taylorville.
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Taylorville, Illinois B&O passenger Depot Bregstone postcard
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Wabash-B&O crossing from the rear of Wabash passenger train Taylorville, Illinois 1937 J Barringer III photo Joe Collias collection sent to me from Joe Collias
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Taylorville, Illinois B&O freight depot water tower and grocery store

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