Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Flora, IL: CSX/B&O and Aban/PARY/B&O Depot

Jason Jordan shared
I can't remember the direction that I am looking at?? But I do know it was the former Baltimore & Ohio depot on the CSX at Flora, IL. June 2005, a Jason Jordan photo.

He was looking East. This depot was in the northeast quadrant of the two B&O lines that ran through town.

The east/west route was the mainline between St. Louis, Cincinnati, and points east. But CSX has been removing bits and pieces of this line. Flora is on the east side of the segment they put out-of-service in July, 2015. The north/south route became the Prairie Trunk Railroad in the 70s and was abandoned in 1985.

Mark Hinsdale posted
Flora IL (Baltimore & Ohio)
Photo by Douglas Weitzman, 6-30-92
From the Ohio to the Mississippi, p 52

History of the depot

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  1. Hello Dennis,

    I've been researching the Flora to Shawneetown branch of the B & O railroad. I have a map and some history on my web site that can be found at Your blog gave me some ideas on what information might be helpful and I wanted to thank you the inspiration.